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How it works

Spendeo by Edenred is a full solution consisting of a web platform integrated with the prepaid card and with the mobile application for users.

  • approval of expenses
  • cards management
  • management of reimbursement requests
  • can be used in the Mastercard® network 
  • secured through chip and PIN code
  • possibility to customize the card’s image
  • quick, Contactless, payments
  • checking balance and transactions
  • requesting funds
  • reimbursement request
  • locking the card
  • reminding the PIN
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Benefits for employees

  • The delegation is exempted from bureaucratic formalities
  • The reimbursement is done with one click, through the Spendeo mobile application or through the web account, while on the business trip or upon return
  • The risks related to the foreign currency exchange of cash money are eliminated, as well as the related fees
  • Payments using the Spendeo card are accepted in the Mastercard® network anywhere in the country and worldwide
  • Through the Spendeo mobile application, employees have access, during their business trip, to the available balance, the history of transactions, scanning of receipts, the option of requesting additional funds etc.
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Benefits for companies

  • Automated reimbursement process, without bureaucracy and lost time
  • Possibility of integration with the company’s accounting and reporting systems
  • Instant money transfer
  • Eliminating efforts related to managing money in cash
  • Reducing financial loss associated to foreign currency exchanges, in case of business trips
  • Full control over the expenses and reporting

Find out exactly what Spendeo by Edenred means to you

Download the Spendeo mobile application

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  • Find out the card balance
  • See the transactions list in real time
  • Create and send expense claim requests
  • Scan receipts
  • Request funds
  • Lock the card or recover PIN code

Edenred Certifications

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